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Healthy hair connotes health. It also connotes youth. As we get older, we can’t expect to to have gorgeous strands without the assistance of quality hair care products and a mindful hair care routine. What we might have gotten away with in our teens and twenties, will no longer cut it once we reach our 30s.


Most commonly, the first sign of “ageing hair” is greying hair. There is no standard age when this occurs, but there is evidence that greying of hair could be linked to vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Ones to keep an eye on are B vitamins as well as zinc and copper balance.

Hair turns grey because pigment is no longer produced and as such is most noticeable in darker hair shades. It’s a bit like when our printer runs out of ink. It’s very difficult to reverse after the event, but a good diet and regular blood tests to monitor vitamin and mineral levels is a good preventative measure.

As anyone with grey hair will attest, it’s not just the colour that’s affected. Hair also changes texture. Grey hair is significantly coarser and tends to kink more than your original locks. It doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. You just might need to change up your hair care routine to allow for greater nourishment and moisture and perhaps introduce a toner (like our Indigo Babe Blonde Treatment) to keep your grey bright and fresh.

For those who colour their hair, it’s worth talking to your hairdresser about tweaking your colour routine. It may be that you move to a more natural colour system or shift to a lighter shade to make new greys appear less noticeable. Another option is to only colour sections of hair, so you have a combination of natural greys (which can look like natural foils) alongside the colour of your choice.

Regardless of whether you choose to colour or embrace your inner silver fox, a good hair care regime like Hot Tresses offers will help nurture your locks.


About 50 per cent of women at some point in their post-puberty lives will suffer female-pattern hair loss, a genetic and hormonal condition causing sparseness around the crown. Anyone older than 30 will eventually have finer, thinner hair, but there are steps that you can take to mitigate this. If you notice a sudden change, a visit to your doctor to have your hormones checked is advisable.


The good news is that you don’t have to take extreme measures to score younger looking locks. Hot Tresses’ age-proofing products boost your hair’s resilience, while simultaneously reducing your need to heat-style, which is one of the quickest ways in which to age your hair. Despite the fact Hot Tresses Rehab Sequence contains just three key products and is as simple as replacing your usual shampoo, conditioning and leave-in or styling routine with our highly organic and 100% vegan range.

Hot Tresses applies anti-ageing cosmeceutical science to its formulations. Not only are they fortified with renewing vitamins B and E, but they’re also packed with absorbable vegan proteins quinoa and hemp and carefully balanced with moisture from ylang ylang, coconut and castor seed oils.


The best way to retain your locks is to treat them with love. Heat-style your hair as infrequently as possible, and if you do colour your hair, look for ranges that are based on natural ingredients. Also, experiment with different sleep-dos to find the best bed-time styling routine for your locks. Follow our Instagram and facebook pages for great tips on styling your hair while you sleep, so you can wake to voluminously smooth locks.


As we age, it’s crucial to get the right balance of protein and moisture to our hair. Too much protein without moisture and hair will snap. Without protein, your hair lacks structure and resilience. Protein fortifies the hair shaft. It can actually stick itself into hair and pull splitting sections together.


Use Hot Tresses to reduce damage and build strength to help turn weak, brittle strands into bouncy, shiny, luscious locks. Our Sulfate-free Rehab Shampoo contains three key oils (castor seed, coconut and ylang ylang) that lubricate hair to prevent shaft trauma during the cleansing process itself. Our Rehab Conditioner can be used as a mask during your work-out to provide an added weekly keratin boost, thanks to hemp and quinoa proteins.  It’s an incredible unraveller and works wonderfully with a wide-toothed comb while you’re showering.

And our Rehab Leave-in is fortified with vitamins to further build elasticity.


According to our Hot Tresses chemists, 70 per cent of the population suffers from sulfate sensitivity/allergy. The end result is dry/flaky scalps and slow-growing hair or hair that easily becomes lank and oily due to the scalp attempting to alleviate dryness. Quitting sulfates is the best move for problematic scalps. The fact Hot Tresses’ whole range is sulfate-free means that scalp oil production is normalised. We’ve also added ingredients like French green clay, pumpkin ferment and pawpaw (papaya) which further help to draw out toxins and exfoliate the scalp to create the ultimate garden bed from where hair springs. Not only do these ingredients renew the scalp, but they treat the scalp like skin. It’s no coincidence that these ingredients are often used in anti-ageing skincare. The scalp is skin after all.


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