The Founders Story

"Growing up my greatest accessory was always my hair. Throughout my 20s I abused my hair, with damaging chemical treatments, heat styling and layering different products that damaged my scalp and my hair.

"As my scalp and hair worsened, I spent thousands of dollars on expensive products in hopes of correcting the damage, much to my dismay, nothing seemed to work. In fact, the problem just got worse as I trusted what the “experts” were advising me to use! Little did I know they were all loaded with synthetics and chemicals that were making my scalp and hair worse.

"My scalp became inflamed, causing dry scalp, flakiness, split ends, frizz and brittleness. I was in my 30’s, and now my hair had also started breaking off and falling out. I went from hair that was so thick I couldn’t get it in a hair tie, to hair that I could barely gather into a bun. I had NO confidence, and it started to affect every aspect of my life.

"Then I decided, it was time to take back control. I began working with a top female chemist with one goal – to make the best haircare in the world; and together we were able to break the vicious cycle by taking out all the harsh/damaging chemicals and replacing them with safe, organic/natural ingredients that would heal and stimulate hair growth while strengthening and repairing the hair.

"We tested it on all hair types, all ethnicities and all ages with across-the board positive results. No heat stylers needed.

"No ten step routines. Just 3 simple steps and 5 minutes a day to the best hair of your life."

Tamara Loehr