Cruelty-Free Blogger and Veterinary Student Vivi Moss is this month’s Hot Tresses guest blogger. Here Vivi offers up some advice on going ‘cruelty-free’ and how to approach your journey with compassion. You can also read her Hot Tresses review here:

Going cruelty-free seems like an impossible mission at the beginning. There’s an overload of information from sites, organisations and bloggers, all telling you what you should or shouldn’t buy or what lifestyle you should adopt.

So when researching, it’s important to always remember the reason you started on your journey. You started it because you’re a compassionate person. You started it because you believe there’s no need to harm animals just for a stick of lipstick or some blush. Every time you feel it’s too much, just go back to that core idea.

The most important thing is to find a source you trust and follow on from there. If you find more sources further on that’s good, more opinions are good, as long as they don’t overwhelm you. If they do you can always take a step back and revaluate.

But on your way to being more compassionate towards animals, I also think it’s important to remember to be more compassionate towards ourselves and learn to forgive. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you end up buying a product that isn’t cruelty-free because we all make mistakes. You can either take that product back or give it away, or if you can’t do either – yes just use it up. You will just be that much sure the next time that you don’t buy a non-cruelty-free product again.

And if we’re already being compassionate to animals and to ourselves, why not also show compassion towards others? This doesn’t mean you have to go out and give all your money to charity or volunteer every spare moment of your time. But small acts of kindness throughout the day are important. Like getting up for an elderly person on the bus even though you couldn’t be more tired, or helping someone up who fell on the street instead of letting someone else do it. You could even smile to your cashier at the supermarket or your waitress at lunch and help make their shift better. These things might seem trivial, and even obvious to some, but to the person you’re helping it’s anything but.

In a world that’s growing crazier by the minute, random acts of kindness and compassion shouldn’t be rare and celebrated, they should be the norm.

Celebrating ourselves, others and the world we live in and inhabit with other species should be our main focus.

So what do you think? Can we do it? Can we strive to be more compassionate together?

Originally from Israel, Vivi Moss is studying veterinary science in Italy, where she is pining for affordable avocados. Vivi is one of the admins for the CF Bloggers Twitter chat every Thursday at 9PM GMT – Her fave veggies are carrots and sweet potato and her top-three beauty products are Lily Lolo mineral foundation has changed my life, Neve Cosmetics blush garden cream blushes and Trust Fund Beauty lipstick in Millionaire mouth (regrettably, no longer available).

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