When it comes to hair, Biotin is the vitamin of all vitamins, which is why pretty much every oral supplement claiming to promote hair contains it. Also known as B7, Biotin is usually found in B-complex vitamins. As well as boosting hair growth and health, B vitamins promote healthy skin, eyes, liver and nerves. The B-group vitamins are a collection of eight water-soluble vitamins essential for various metabolic processes. Most vitamins belonging to the B group, can’t be stored by the body and have to be regularly consumed. Extended cooking, food processing and alcohol can destroy or reduce the availability of many of these vitamins. It is important not to self-diagnose a vitamin deficiency, so see your doctor or dietician for advice/tests. It’s possible to have a healthy diet, but still have trouble absorbing vital nutrients. Biotin is also an important part of your metabolism and energy production.

Vitamin E

This is usually known for helping your skin be healthy and stretchy. It can also help prevent stretch marks or lessen the effects of aging.  Because Vitamin E increases the circulation to the scalp, it can also help in hair growth and even reverse hair loss, to a point.

Vitamin A

Because Vitamin A is essential for a healthy immune system, it also helps with healthier nails and hair.  If your immune system is working properly, you will have a healthier body and each system will work to the best of their function.  If you look at all those gimmicky hair growth pills, you will see a large percentage of Vitamin A in all of them.

Vitamin C

Also helps with blood circulation, therefore helps with the scalp and follicles which can speed up the hair growth.  You can take a Vitamin C supplement, or eat a lot of oranges, berries or leafy greens.


TRUTH BOMB ON h̲e̲a̲t̲ ̲s̲t̲y̲l̲i̲n̲g̲

So here’s the TRUTH: Blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons weaken and destroy vital proteins in your hair, while depleting your hair’s natural oils. That means frequent use of them requires extra maintenance.

☯ To prevent hair from becoming damaged and broken, most hair experts recommend the application of a heat protectant before heat styling

☯ We use the analogy that if it burns your skin, it’ll burn your hair. Not sure if any topical skin cream can really alleviate that issue. So with this in mind, we suggest, you use the cooler settings on blow dryers, air dry as frequently as possible and keep curling/straightening iron usage to a minimum

☯ Hot Tresses’ REHAB Sequence creates the best ‘set up’ for successful air drying, but we get that even though deep down you know it’s not good for you, you may still sometimes crave the polished look heat styling provides. It’s like the ‘bad boy’ – you want him, but he’s just not good for you

☯ Having said that, you’ve skipped a vital step if you’ve not applied some kind of thermal protection before subjecting strands to high temperatures from irons and dryers. Hot Tresses REHAB Leave-in contains vegan proteins and oils, along with vitamin supplements that simultaneously offer thermal shielding and smoothing effects

☯ Make the switch. And bit by bit, flick OFF the switch to straightening and curling irons.

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