The importance of C L E A N S I N G

We all ensure we cleanse our skin so what’s best when it comes to cleansing your hair?

When asking people how often they shampoo their hair there are varied responses. Some shampoo excessively, while others don’t shampoo often enough.

The main purpose for shampooing your hair is to cleanse your hair strand from oils, dirt and buildup between washes. Shampooing is also helpful to unclog the scalp and cuticle.

Although you may be afraid of shampooing because you don’t want to dry your hair out, the reality is that you are actually creating dryness by choosing not to shampoo. The hair is not truly able to absorb moisture when it is clogged from the environment.

We recommend you shampoo your hair regularly with a plant-based product like our Cleansing Shampoo so it can receive necessary moisture and be able to breathe. Depending on your buildup and how oily your hair is will depend on the frequency.

Follow on from shampooing with our moisturising conditioner to help repair and strengthen your locks.

TIP: Avoid silicone-heavy oils in your hair. Hot Tresses Leave-in is designed to control frizz whilst not coating your hair, leaving it feeling softer, smoother and lighter. Hair will keep its volume and not turn oily giving you more time needed between washes.


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